My work explores the use of colour and form to depict my perception of certain… More ]

on collecting

untitled, 1965 William Eggleston   On Collecting The automatic glass door opens, I am a… More ]

Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich(1879-1935) was born in Russia to polish parents. His family had fled from Poland… More ]

Paul Klee

  Abstract Art     Paul Klee(1879-1940) was born in Switzerland. His mother and father… More ]

Abstract Art

To create work of art is to create the  world  ( W. Kandinsky ) Abstract… More ]

Abstract art

Abstract art What is abstract art? And why and where did it start? Abstract art… More ]


Gerhard Richter 1932 Born and works Germany A German visual artist Strip(921-6)2011 Digital print on… More ]

Július Koller

Július Koller (1939 – 2007) Universal Fantastic Orientation 1-6 (U.F.O.) (1978) At the first the… More ]


Desire. What desire is? What impersonal desire is? In me, all desires other than based… More ]

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