I’m Averil.  Over the last few months I’ve seen lots of work, done lots of reading and reflected a lot on where my practice is going.  However hard I try to focus in other ways, I still come back to colour as that is what excites me.  So I want to find fresh, relevant ways to be a colourist in 2017.

In a book on Expanded Painting -Ontological Aesthetics and the Essence of Colour,  Mark Titmus analysed how Jim Lambie and Katherina Grosse work in the space between art and its environment.  I’ve discussed with Nick in the audio visual suite ways of creating 3d lighting effects and I’m exploring apps that link sound to colour and colour to sound.  I went to an event in the summer where singing at different pitches created different lighting effects,  I’m checking out the detail of that, as it would link my interest in art with my interest in music.

As an immediate piece of work to be getting on with, and building on what I was doing before the summer, I am thinking about creating a work in Perspex that would relate specifically to its environment.  But that is just the start!