I am a born Londoner but have lived my (breeding) years on deepest Exmoor, raising three children on a small-holding farm. We kept Gloucester Old Spot pigs, guinea fowl, chickens, Jacob Sheep and Exmoor ponies. I felt a traitor driving the sheep to market or the pigs to the slaughter house- it's a way of life in rural areas, as was hunting the stag and the fox. 

I returned to art school last year to join the Grad Dip. at Chelsea, after more than a couple of decades out of art and out of London. Regret leaving London so young? Maybe. Seven years to new-born Modern Painters was an age, straight after St.Martin's School of Art, on Charing Cross Road, and the days of the London Instutute and Ken Livingstone. 

Here's an image how the year ended on Chelsea's Grad Dip FA. I'm looking forward to more changes and challenges in the year ahead on the MA FA.

Now how to move on...