This evening at Tate Modern Stan Douglas spoke about his upcoming exhibition at Victoria Miro. His absolute mastery of photo-shop and image manipulation is extraordinary. His recreation of the cataclysmic events at The Hackney estates in 2011, taken from google earth imagery and also sky news aerial footage, involves real life events within the situation, combining to make a diagonally composed photograph several metres in length. The image doesn’t represent a single point in time but combines exact crowd on police encounters that occurred throughout the day. Douglas has interviewed individuals from both ‘sides’ and has a very rich understanding of each group’s experiences. I find the images macabre by the dehumanisation that occurs as a result of the ‘big brother’ viewpoint and also his obvious delight in his ‘grand puppet master’ role in playing around with the individuals on the screen. The resemblance to a model village is quite uncanny. It is however a poignant representation of a tragic event for the community in Hackney and a chilling reminder of the power of centralised governance. The show opens at Victoria Miro tomorrow if anyone is interested in coming along to the private view in Mayfair with me I’ll be heading over from the studios at about 5pm…….

Kate Mieczkowska