Bonjour, My name is Rayvenn (pronounced like the bird ‘Raven’, but spelt like someone who really wanted to fuck up my childhood by making it nearly impossible to spell or define my name using modern language techniques)  and I am a London-born, UK based sculptor, living and working in Central London.

In recent years my principle interests are concerned with figurative abstraction where the human anatomy is reinterpreted and transformed in a new form of hybrid realism – in part a result of the strict and obsessive rendering of anatomical detail – abstracted from its normative bodily function to the point of the grotesque.

A former painter and drawer, the act of sport that is hyper-realism, performed whilst creating such meticulously sculptures, obsessively multiplying human body parts, a strict contextual change occurs within the finished object. The resulting clinical ‘dead’ look evokes a morbid curiosity that surrounds the sculpture, shifting expectations of the formal arrangement of figuration by questioning traditional self-representational practices.

Here the insatiability of representation and its inherently self-referential nature births a hyper-reality in which authenticity can be located (in), presenting [the artist] a welcomed opportunity to break free from reference once and for all.

Installed in Exhibition Space; May 2016

Current Portfolio: “My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink and I Don’t Love Jesus!”



Final Installation, July 2017, Chelsea College of Arts

Transience [Scan], Dec 2014, A6 Portrait (Sketchbook Series), Charcoal, Watercolour and Coloured Pencil on Cartridge Paper

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