This comment followed a conversation with Brian yesterday whilst discussing my studio practice. We had a good laugh about where it’s all going to go and I fear the prognosis wasn’t good.  I am wishing I was a cool 20 something millennial bloke who has digital media capabilities burned into his brain. Alas no! I am a child of the nineties bought up on DIY house music, parties in fields not on Instagram and a rather unhealthy preoccupation with my bank balance! Holy f**ck how am I going to transform myself into an alter modern voyager of discovery traversing time and ascending cultural barriers living solely in the digital second life and not afraid to lose myself and my money in the vortex that is the internet?

I am thinking a lot about quests for futility and pointlessness following reading about Neo Romanticism and Donkeys and carrots described in Timotheus Velmeulen and Robin van den Akker’s discussion on Metamodernism. I cannot decide whether I am Don Quixote, Sancho Panza or indeed the donkey today. A joint painting project about this very thing is what is required!

Oh yes… look out for a round table in the studio. That’s our space… We’ve named it Camelot. You are very welcome to join us…….

Bring on group therapy!!!!

The Lone Ranger (ABC)
1949 – 57
Shown: Clayton Moore (as The Lone Ranger)

Kate Mieczkowska