A response to painting in our digital world.

It seems a novelty, and yet nothing is new anymore 
Nothing but replication that allows forgetfulness
Eliciting within us yearnings of its own making 
I continue to lose, and find myself again.
I disconnect with the realities in which they may connect
A reminder that there is still some room for friction and play,
Not simply a passive response, but for a dialogue to reflect.
For, there’s something very abstract and fantastic
About something that cannot be experienced in a tangible way,
That intangible barrier
Importunes for a sense of touch
Into the language of tactile sensation 
I harness this, reminding myself this is where I stay. 
Rooted within a material intimacy
Aura, as Walter Benjamin put it. 
Delaying the pace, 
Creating a space, and time to think.
Reminds me that although it is an awkward place I sit,
Technology is not total. 

Yasmine Robinson