“Tao” is the final way of any way.

 “An Insight Into None”

Art is highly limited and one cannot deny it. While most of the present artists are working on exploration of the boundaries of various arts inwards, or searching for explanations and demonstrations about the outward connections between real world and art, art in itself, each discipline of it and each “ism” of it inevitably fits in its own big spectrum and has to be categorized.

” Entanglement”

The redefinition of art and its derivatives could not simply be conducted through a combination of existing multidisciplinary approach. Sadly, large amounts of artwork done by artists in the modern art industry are implicit and unnecessary, or sometimes too explicit and elaborated, especially for the audience. The essence of “curating”of any exhibition or any single artwork should probably be blended in a concept of “ Tao” naturally.


During the recent years, I have been trying to find my identity in art through a variety of disciplines in my own unique ways although my working experiences were limited to financial industry since I obtained my master degree in Business in the UK. I have a strong interest in photojournalism since childhood and have won several prizes regionally. I enjoy capturing the tension when interacting with the surroundings as an “inside-outsider”. In 2017 I started my own music project and collaborated with some other artists internationally for several exhibitions. I was surprised that different varieties of art could work together in such harmony naturally and contribute to each other by creating a bigger picture than itself.  Most of my music involves a combination of ambient sounds, melodic new-age flows, and spacey voices. I strongly believe that there would be a prospect for me to create an all-inclusive artwork with both my understandings in photography and in music, by means of virtual reality, creating an innovative way of exhibition for various uses such as meditation, entertainment, psychiatric therapy and social events.