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Artists Statement

My cores of art works are value, chance, choice and how to produce mind or body interactions between art works and audiences. These make my works not only displays but also media connecting different audience and they can give rise to the reflection and question of audiences.

As a Chinese, the two important things I met with are huge cultural divergence and total different artistic atmosphere when I came to British. So one of the questions I have been facing with in creation is how to adapt to and digest these divergences.

In the creating process, I have found that I am concentrated on the meaning rather than the form of my works. Every theme which can cause audiences’ reflection or mirror some extant problems, whatever its form, will satisfy me as long as it can produce interactions between my work and audiences. So I have been creating many different forms of works, among which are painting, performance radio and installation.

My inspiration of my art works comes from the reflection of people’s relationship and my surrounding environment in our daily life.I would record and summarize my everyday inspiration and different thoughts in order to get new creative content, and then I would decide which form to use to reach the best effect. So my works are more like a thinking diary. Every work represents my different emotions in different phases and witnesses my growing up. They are not only art works, but also my production of emotion venting.

Therefore, my creation process is the process of combining perceptual thinking and rational summarizing.


Wanjin Li