Hello ,

My name is Esra and I am a London based abstract painter, currently studying MA Fine Art at Chelsea. My work consists of the exploration of different paint mediums mixed along with the combination of clay. I very┬árarely use a paint brush and I like to feel the mediums as I continue to make work. The process of creating work is also very important to me as it is a tool that assists me to develop my approach towards future work. The work ‘Blurt’ is one piece of a Triptych that I used in my BA degree show. It is one of my favourite pieces because I feel I pushed my personal boundaries with the way I think a finished painting should look. I usually aim on making works aesthetically pleasing with colour and form but this piece is the opposite of that. It looks to be as if it is festering , like a pimple ready to pop. As odd as it may sound it was a statement I received from many who have viewed it. Though I was aiming to make it more organic and abstract, unintentionally giving it a familiar feel of human essence.


-Esra Vazirally