I have been thinking about the possible connections between dualist philosophy, that shaped our worldview for decades, and the intrinsic human loneliness that seem to be part of all.

From Plato to Descartes and the doctrines of Christianity, human and animal, human and nature, has been put in separate partitions in order to achieve a superiority that seems to be crucial for the human psyche.

Self-esteem plays a very important role in our build-up,  I started to see this need to be perceived in a positive light by our peers and ourselves to be a major contributor in the creation of the other -from slavery, to oppressing differing sexes, religious beliefs or any cultural other, and of course the using and abusing of the whole ecosystem.

I am researching possible connections into this segregation, human isolation and the role of willful ignorance in human / non-human animal relations.

Let me know if you can offer me any insight into the themes and / or any material that can help me gain further understanding.

Thanks a lot

Monika Tobel