A couple of days ago I felt stuck in the studio at the College, too many thoughts and doubts and no feel of doing anything. So, I went to the Tate Britain next door and I spent few hours browsing books at the bookshop.

I bought this book by Anthony Gormley ‘On Sculpture’ and just after few pages I was totally absorbed by the power of his words and thoughts:

‘We have to test our environment both built and elemental’.

‘Sculpture can no longer simply reinforce the known, it has to be a bridge to the unknown’.

Then on this page I saw a picture of one of his works ‘ Earthbound: Plant ’ (2002), a sculpture buried entirely in the ground and the only thing you can see is the sole of the feet.

I was astonished: he changed the traditional function of a statue into reflexivity.

Now the ground beneath the feet is visible and significant: we walk on this world but we take so little notice of it…!

I then looked back to my practice, painting, and I instantly felt I am painting objects and subjects disconnected from the world.

How do I connect now a painting back with the public, with people?

From the representational to the reflexive…is that the answer?


Marco Piemonte (London 28/10/17)