(me vs the voices in my head)

Since the start of the MA at Chelsea I have felt not exactly lost but so confused about what I wanted to do, I started the course thinking that we would be thrown into the studio given a space and told to work. There journey since has been totally different, we’ve been even a wash of experiences.

  • British museum
  • V&A
  • Countless Galleries
  • Countless Openings
  • Countless intros to recourses

so yes my brain has been wiped and then crammed full of context. 90% useless 10% useful.

The other day Patti gave us a task to look through Art mags and find 3 new artists I didn’t find 3 new artists but I found this¬†article from Spike Mag.

In my Proposal for the university I banged on about how we live in a post truth world and pointed to Trump as a ‘symptom’ of this. The above article mentioned this but also mentioned that Trump and Kim were”two sides of the same coin. “This has informed my thinking further and has brought my thinking towards a performance which I want to do asap. I plan to do this in the centre of the uni in the quad area. ¬†I just need to make my props and consider the way in which I frame this performance.

Robin Woodward