In this video Theo Jansen is giving a talk about his mechines: Strandbeest.

If you dont konw who his is and what he did, go check out this website

I am amazed by these mechines, they are beautiful. And they have very complex structure but doing simply thing, just walking on the beach.

In this talk what really amazed me is not the aesthetic. what stay in my mind for days is how Theo Jansen think about his mechines.

He sees the mechines are living beings. These mechines are designed to keep walking on the beach forever and survive from storm. The mechines also have water sensor so they wont walk into water.

↑ This is the water sensor , powered by compressed air and has 3 brains which are named ‘liar’ by Jansen.

These mechines have ability of walking, sensing, reacting, storing energy.

These mechines really can be classified as living things.

If these are living thing, then what about the robots and AI around us.

American is planning to send people on the Mars and colonize it.

But there are robots on the Mars and outer space. They are colonizing the space.

↑ If you interested in future space age watch Elon Musk talk on his plan building city on the Mars.

↑Lucy McRae does some projects about future human in new space age.

What she did may no be practical but interesting in artistic way.