Wolfgang Laib

A month ago, I saw this beautiful exhibition at GALERIE THADDAEUS POPAC in Pairs. before this I only knew Laib did the pollen square, didn’t really look into his art. But somehow I met this exhibition, I was totally captivated by it’s purity and subtlety. The paintings on the white papers is invisible  in a far distance, but as you approaching them, you can see white image emerged. The drawing show a full moon cycle –a journey through white mountains.Six Brahmanda are displayed in the centre of the main scape which represents the genesis of the world. I don’t even know how to describe it in language. Before I read anything my instinctive impression is this is a folk story, this is talking about life and death and rebirth. and it’s so pure so poetic, especially  in this rush chaotic world it makes me  feel so calm and peaceful. in this room you don’t think of anything else, all the intellective questions, conceptual ideas, practical problems are just fade away,  I can only feel that we as human beings exist in this world this infinite universe.


I found some of his interviews online.

here is something  he said  I like very much.

” And the most beautiful thing is the dandelion pollen, when you sit days and days in a dandelion meadow. It’s an incredible experience, and it’s something totally different than what our society thinks of what you should do or what you should achieve in an hour or in a day or in a week or in a month.”


(and sorry for the bad pics, the exhibition itself is way better than the pictures.)



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