My theme is going to be in spirituality which I am very interested to work on my project. The materials that I will be using are eg: sculpture (resin, latex, fibreglass, polyester, wax), drawing (pencil and pen) and other materials. With what kind of forms, I still don’t know yet so I will give some time to think about it although I found a lot of information what spiritual, body and mind mean.

Here are a few videos I’ve found online:

I have found a few artists which are very similar to my ideas are:

  • Rachel Whiteread
  • Eva Hesse
  • Joseph Beuys
  • Kiki Smith
  • Ann Hamilton
  • Jannis Kounellis
  • Lin Tianmiao
  • Claire Morgan
  • Maureen Connor
  • Janine Antoni
  • Le Hoang Bich Phuong
  • Chiharu Shiota

Here is one of Ann Hamilton’s artworks that she has made for Spirituality theme.


I found another interesting video of different artists working on the theme “Spirituality”

My research about spirituality that I’ve found so far was a Swedish scientist, philosopher and theologian called Emanuel Swedenborg – born on 29 January 1688, Stockholm, Sweden.

There was an interesting article I’ve read online was that the Lord has opened Swedenborg’s spiritual eyes so that from then on, he could freely visit Heaven and Hell and talk with angels, demons and other spirits. For the last 28 years of his life, Swedenborg wrote 18 published theological works. His interest was to investigate in spiritual matters and was to find a theory to explain how matter relates to spirit. He aimed to explain how the finite us related to the infinite and how the soul is connected to the body. In 1743, Swedenborg was dining in a private room at a tavern in London. By the end of the meal, a darkness fell upon his eyes, and the room shifted character. Suddenly, he saw a person sitting at a corner of the room, telling him: “Do not eat too much!”. Swedenborg, scared, hurried home. Later that night the same man appeared in his dreams. The man told Swedenborg that he was the Lord, that he had appointed Swedenborg to reveal the spiritual.