Cheveldave’s solo show Field of Plastic Flowers consisted of a 7 channel sound piece and a series of sculptures. Upon first impression I was excited by the aesthetic, colours and overall feel of the space and then even more so when I began to notice the smaller details in the work like the tiny collages and paintings incorporated into the sculptures.

Some of the themes in the work relate heavily to some themes that I explore such as capitalism/consumerism and identity construction. I am always intrigued and influenced by work that explores themes similar to mine but that use different media and materials to create work with. Cheveldave’s sculptures that use wood and collage to show yards/pools/furniture/picket fence ideal/also vandalised and bird houses replicate images that people/suburban nuclear family use to construct our identities. Creating things reminiscent of home ownership and property that we feel give people a sense of control and a legacy; something to leave behind once we die.

Cheveldale uses mark marking as a way to suggest how we try to manifest ourselves in the way that we collect things to leave behind and in a literal sense. The sound piece was played through a sculpture made of beer barrels covered in markings of symbols and signs that have been appropriated by hipster culture in an attempt to ‘defy the mainstream has meant buying into a mass-fabricated idea of alternative lifestyles.’

Ive always found how we portray ourselves online is interesting and how we build identities out of the content we post. Our social media presence is a contemporary way to create our legacy in a world where home ownership and property is reserved for the privileged. We can now curate our online presence to be left when we die.


Georgina Tyson