So… if art is life then let me start with last Saturday. I got a call from my neighbour telling me that they had my mother in their house. My mother was claiming that we had made an arrangement to come at 11 am and she was sorry that her train had been late. There had been no such arrangement which led me to wonder whether this was in fact my mother next door or possibly some imposter? It was my mother. She was let into our house by my neighbour who has a set of our keys. I found her in the back garden smoking on my return. She proceeded to chastise me severely for not collecting her and for giving the neighbour the impression that she hadn’t arranged to be there. I remained calm and made some tea for everyone during which time she had managed to convince my husband that I had in fact begun to lose my mind and was totally responsible for the mix up. So here I am standing in the middle of the kitchen offering up the tea on the cusp of believing that yes, I was going mad and that I was completely responsible for the chaos. Mother and husband had now teamed up to push the point home. We had lunch and I later dropped her off to the station. On the return journey she then apologises for turning up unannounced fully admitting that we had never made an arrangement.

It wasn’t until Monday morning travelling in on the train and reading, that I began to see the parallels in this situation and post modern thinking. My mother had made a conscious decision to avoid the facts and reality of the situation that she didn’t have an appointment and then create an alternative reality by convincing others that she did. I read the following and it all began to make prefect sense.

‘Objective standards, in other words, rest on the fundamental fact that reality is what it is and does not accommodate itself to anyone’s thoughts, desires, whims – that in order to act successfully man must obey reality, discovering by a process of reason what reality’s nature and requirements are. Postmodernism rejects all this. Reality, for it, is not a firm place with a definite nature. Reality is not something we must adapt to –  it is something that adapts to us. We create reality constructing it out of our language games. Reason, as we have seen, is absent in such a world, ‘reason’ is only the attempt by one group to impose its linguistic whims on others.’ ‘ (Onkar Ghate, Edwin A Locke ‘Objectivism: The proper alternative to Postmodernism’ pg 258

My mother is a postmodern genius by the is statement. Thanks Mum you have set me straight and hopefully further along the path to finding a suitable alternative!

Image from ‘Gameshow’ performance at MAFA gallery by MA Fine Art Part time students October 2017

Kate Mieczkowska