21st Faith Exhibition

21st – 23rd October, The Workshop, Lambeth High Street

I recently exhibited a couple of paintings within a collaborative show. 1 of 32 participants. The exhibition was an investigation into FAITH in the 21st century, interpreted differently by each artist, in a variety of mediums.

The exhibition defied the constraints of a white wall gallery, with all works being hung from wire from the high ceiling beams. My paintings took on a new form, seeing them hung in this way. The paintings became more sculptural, objects suspended in the air. РSomething to look at further within research Рthe relationship between sculpture & painting. How do I want to present my paintings to a viewer?

Faith to me, implies hope or trust in a system or belief.

I place faith, everyday, in the act of painting as a therapeutic process.

I travel through various states of ambiguity on a daily basis and my work captures an element of this in a physical form.

Through abstract aesthetics, loose shapes, and varied layers, I play with the subconscious mind of the viewer, to let them interpret their own meaning from the ambiguous imagery.

With the possibilities available via the internet alongside digital art, film and so on, it seems that the act of painting has been given over by many artists in favour of self indulgent, disposable images.¬†Faith can inspire a resurgence in a craft. Preserving painting and it’s material qualities.


Abigail Moffat