I would like to pursue the possibilities of Eastern aesthetics in modern methods and western styles due to my obsession with the atmosphere of traditional painting. For example, a landscape painting with simple colors and mostly blank spaces is actually capable for making the viewer feel a strong atmosphere and power, and viewers feel the sensation of placing themselves into the depicted scene. My work is influences by the mode of thinking of traditional landscape painting, a comprehensive way of observation, where we observe not only with our eyes, but we also smell, listen, and feel with our hearts.

It is always being expected that view of these works can convey unique images of art when I think about what is the meaningful part of art. I think the art should not be simple repeats or lamination of language, characters, concept or experience, but distinctive expression through the interpretation of all the senses. This can build a certain intuition between the viewers and the art. It is also my main aim to explore this kind of communication so that it enables to amplify my perception and emotional feelings.