Ive finally done something. It feels good man.

(Video of the sketch sorry about the quality of the film follow the link by clicking the image)

I have to ask these questions…

  1. What does it mean to mould terracotta around my face?
  2. Is there any other terracotta masks like this?
  3. Where and how could the performance be posed differently?
  4. can anything else be added to the framework for the performance ?
  5. Spatially could this be framed better?

I think firstly I really enjoyed the process of the work. I feel that the material defiantly has something about the body, but how and were is something to research. Its earthly. Malleable. it can change and or stay the same. I feel that the imagery in the performance could be adapted, adding more costume a grey military-esk jumpsuit maybe? and the space needs to change, its home may not be in the studio even a brick wall could be effective. Id love to attempt this live with more people watching in a space that would allow me to move about. Framing it for a video otherwise would have to be done differently.  I reference ‘Samsara’ [2011] – Olivier de Sagazan.


But these questions now need to be answered in detail. 


Robin Woodward