virtualised <—> actualised

Please bear with me while I try to organise some amorphous thoughts…

So, this endeavour is quite nascent in my practice, interrogating it even more so. Here I am attempting interfacing physical making/process and physical material with digital (immaterial?) representation.

The process is quite ordered in its concourse, yet the results perhaps hold a coalesced spatiotemporal continuity.

Transmateriality is something intriguing and I am trying to define it for myself and what it may mean for my practice.

The translational mess at play here through the image manipulation, can also potentially be an ontological mess in both (material/immaterial) systems.

Accumulation of image artefacts and visual noise, echoes the potential degradation of the physical material through repeated handling, arranging and rearranging.

The ubiquity and convenience of using a smartphone + app, i.e the “mobile studio”, is an interesting counterbalance to the obvious “impermanent gypsy studio” depicted.

The digital documentation of work and process representations becoming the only visual remainder once it’s physical counterpart is disembodied.





Lora Nikolaeva Nikolova