‘Narrative fiction provides a controlled wilderness, an opportunity to be and to become the Other. The stranger. With sympathy, clarity, and the risk of self examination.’

Lozt made his first performance on Saturday, as part of a project we are collaborating on called ‘How Dior Got It’s Mojo Back’, an investigation into banality and cultural comparisons, in which Lost stood in front of historical landmarks in London and performed the prose poem ‘How Dior Got It’s Mojo Back’ which consists of the phrase ‘How Dior Got It’s Mojo Back’ over and over again. The phrase ‘How Dior Got It’s Mojo Back’ is a headline taken from a newspaper which, presented objectively and out of context, jars with its surroundings to start a dialogue about the position of culture relative to past.

This is just a sketch but I’d work it up to more locations and address questions more rigorously such as

  1. how does the phrase and performance collide with the surroundings?
  2. What is the interaction between performance and audience?
  3. Why did Lozt do it?

I’m working on how to make this project link performance, poetry, image making and anything else I think is appropriate.

These photos are from Buckingham Palace. Lozt also performed at Piccadilly Circus and the Wellington Monument. Video link: https://vimeo.com/240982498


References are Ted Chippington, Mark Wallinger. Photo and video credit Ani Mkrtchyan.

Lawrence Blackman