3 Nov- Friday’s London Art MAFAthon was whipped-in by recent alumni Jamie and Ant who led an exemplary tour from Laure Genillard Gallery (Grace Weir Unfolded) to the new director’s demolished and revamped ICA (Seth Price Circa 1981), via strategic for re-charging den Lord Moon’s, Whitehall, on to play sardine’s in rush hour, to final destination in residential ‘Yard’ (Gap Scuratorial) garden party in Hackney.

Picking our way through a quiet back alley, behind Oxford Street, we arrived at Laure Genillard Gallery, in an unassuming Victorian building. Fagin and friends socialising on the doorstep. It appears an incongruous spot for a commercially-minded Swiss art gallery. The Dickensian stamping ground is a sweet-stenching pissoir. Anyone, within reason, can cross that threshold by magic, leaving troubles parked outside. Step inside Bond-style minimalist den of cool, safe, sanitised and elite world of commodity-crazy-out-of-reach-out-of-pocket-contemporary art scene. It felt a privilege, drifting between rooms in our anonymous mass of invisible voyeurs. Which film would Fagin have settled for some light-relief and imaginative other experience?

And for me, Ant’s words of wisdom for the year ahead was to make sure we made work flat-packable. Hmmm, that rings a bell, and was suggested earlier this term. And so, what if it won’t?

Annabel Ludovici Gray