Graduated in 2015 University of Westminster – Arts & Media -Photography, but finding the discipline that comes with formalism of the craft restricting I have turned my attention to how the practise can be utilised to demonstrate what is in my imaginative territories.

I draw on quite a lot of my pornographic archival work, eroticism and fetish imagery. Using these along with appropriated or newly created works I manipulate them through digital technologies to purposefully situate them within new concepts.

Photomontage/digital collage are, in particular, techniques I use in my most recent works.

Sex and death, the primeval, the universal principles are my key concerns and inform the majority of what I produce; sentiment of prescribed emotions are to me secondary and are therefore subordinate in my works, although I cannot deny that our history and socio-political ideology welcomes them more readily over our primitiveĀ  nature!

I make no excuses nor apologies for my work, it attempts transgression, is irreverent, erotic, pornographic, salacious, but endeavours to be challenging.

Some subject matters may offend sensibilities by my investigations into psychosexual elements of our nature.