An internal monologue…





perhaps those panels can be salvaged       they’re not the best material but they’re still quite good       the paintings are total shit though       had gone too far with them       maybe they can be bought back to a point that isn’t embarrassing       that really is quite imperative      sand sand sand      need to move them somewhere else     they’re actually quite large and cumbersome     saw them into more manageable pieces    final morphology no way a reflection of skills with a handsaw    now they can be worked on anywhere that’s suitable available     sanding not really getting anywhere    taking too long    going through too many discs   also getting bored   try a heat gun and scraper   heat gun taking too long   not hot enough   getting irritated   up the ante with a (kitchen) blowtorch   satisfying seeing films of old paint bubbling burning away getting scraped away even if it’s roughly the size of a 50p piece every time things getting out hand hard to control what gets singed getting frustrated smoke alarms go off work faster scraperdiggingintothepanelgettingmoreandmorecharredscarredpurged

close enough


Lora Nikolaeva Nikolova