It doesn’t really matter? // pretend that It matters

Mold everything into Bones

Are we supposed to play with bones?

That’s a whimsical paradox!

Researching over books, papers and articles on what it this that attracts human to the view of a death or how the corpse hold this holistic notion of power, I always stumble upon the exhibition Bodies (2005) or Body worlds (1995). Articles mentioning the audience feeling unsettled by seeing what once was living and breathing, turned into scientific specimens intended for public consumption, mentioned the ethics for viewing human remains.

In the same time people are slaves in their own destrudo and drowned into the need to build their immortal image into the images of Death and poverty in global news of in the representation of it into the popular culture.

In the same time we don’t care and maybe most of us don’t or will never know that Aldgate Station is built over a plague pit which contains an estimated 1,000 bodies.


The sexualisation of mortality has molded the contemporary mind and logic into the need of a naïve mind towards it.


That’s why our sculls have a naive look when they smile.


By Eirini Pouliasi / Irene Pouliasi