1. What’s the difference between “originality” and “authenticity”? To what degree they are same? To what degree they are different? How do you define the degree? Would the definition affect the outcome? Would the definition affect the definition of itself and other definition either irrelevant or relevant?

  2. What a new form of art gonna be look like beyond the combination of anything we have in the past? Probably like a different color we have never seen before or a taste other than any empirical experiences we have had before? What are the limits of the built-in sensors of  the human beings? Can we surpass the sensors and be superior than what we are right now?

  3. Is God( or something that similar to god) a curator or creator?

  4. Are “Rules” such as gravity and dimensions or even science illusional? Is science a religion with “miracles” of applied sciences just like what other religions had in the past?

  5. Does an individual theory matter? Does it look just like the different kinds of political stickers on the tube? There are millions of them but none of them really matters to us because there are too many. Does the integration of all the theories matter? Are “Future”, “Now”, and “Past” just points on the waveform of this “integration”.