Leeufan’s artwork carried on an Eastern aesthetics and philosophical thoughts. In his work, there is very little to see, just two or three spots of paint in a big space. There is not much to see, but what there is reverberate in the large empty space.

I am really interesting the idea that he explain in the interview: The few spots of paint connect to the space sending out powerful vibrations. The atmosphere or space containing their vibrations interacts with other things and they all resonate with each other. This is where art originates. There is no message in my work, it doesn’t convey any meaning. But as you stand in front of it, you notice your own breath and become aware of breathing and interacting with the world around you. What my art does is place the viewer at this starting point of experience.

His idea makes me rethinking the significance of art to me. I hope that view will have a straightforward sensory experience when they see my work, rather than thinking the reasons why it is drawn or the meaning that I want to say at first. Because I think sometimes the image is the best language. Also, I want my painting has an expression of energy, either positive or negative or a kind of virtual feeling.