I have been approached by a fellow artist to take part in an improvised drawing performance.  As it seemed as far from my usual presentation mode as possible, I have said yes. The performance was part of a two weeks exhibition under the name : Lost & Found, with a performance and a video event taking place during the show.

Rachelle Allen-Sherwood, a Japanese-British artist whose practice involves movement and space, explored via Chinese brushes, ink and paint. She has experience in improvisational works as she works with dancers and musicians frequently.

We decided to both write a lose poem in the dadaist tradition, of found text and cut-ups. While one of us recited, the other replied via mark making in a quite eclectic fashion using the rhythm of the poem as lead.. That as much as the pre-ordered nature of the work went. Neither of us new the other’s text, and we did not rehearse the happening.

The experience deemed terrifying and freeing at the same time, it thought me to use the energy provided by fear and to let go of control.

I have used my research area of human-animal relations to construct the poem, with animal related sayings as its base:

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

A fish out water asthmatic sheep

Dirty pig

disgusting pervert


 piggy man


hung like a horse

hang man


But bacon!!!!! Hmmmmm I just couldn’t ha ha ha ha ha

Tasty bits of all that is hmmmm you sweet sweet bread

Breast or thighs? Im a breast man oooh matron hahahahha

Fruit of my loin, my darling puppy chow

A dog is a man’s best friend

In china you know what they do in china barbarians foreign muck!! I would never


Stupid bitch

What if your life depended on it?

Deserted island

A fish out of water in a

Tradition of a thousand years

Its always been like that

natural natural NATURAAAAAAL is best

A fish rots from the head down

Its natural

A fly in the ointment makes the world go round you

Bird brain

In the right pecking order bock bock bock

A leopard cannot change its spots

K9s, K9s, K9s

Oh one of thoooooose

A little bird told me

One swallow doesn’t make a summer!

Well I do my best

All you can do is try


Bird brain over the cuckoo’s nest of vipers

But im happy as a pig in mud

Abattoir farm idyllic village life oh the harmony!!!

Back to the roots

Teach new tricks babe

 that will do pig

 that will do

Oink oink oink aaaaaaaaaoow so cute

A red rag to a bull A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Alligator purse snake shoes why not mooooo live a little

Treat yourself

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a giddy goat

 a bicycle a donkey horse cart

but your health your health your health  stupid cow

As bald as a coot down there pussy cat meooooooow

As busy as a bee..aaah squash it !!! ahhhhh im scared they here to get me us us against them

As cute as a bug’s ear pests. Love dove

Peace rats with feathers

SOO dirty shits everywhere everybody poops


It’s natural

As fit as a butcher’s dog’s sophisticated palate of thrills

As happy as a clam your clam smells fishy pussy cat

Eat the placenta!

Its natural good for you good for us

As mad as a hatter March hare hyena laughter


They really intelligent you know … sooo cute.. adorable

How could they, savages

Oh the humanity!!!


Barking mad

Mad mad I tell yous she is barking mad as a bug in rug in a mug

Texas chainsaw!

Going Cold turkey he can do it with

Crocodile tears

Counting sheep the black sheep’s domesticated life

And the chickens but not before they hatch


Dark horse don’t look it in the mouth

Curiosity killed the cat swinging, swinging around the room

WE don’t wanna know it’s not the same


Kitty was already dead


 god given rights

Texas chainsaw leading wild goose chase to the slaughterhouse

Baaa Baaa Black Sheeeeeeep

Baaa Baaa Black Sheeep….

Ia ia ooooo ia ia ooooo

Monika Tobel