Yesterday, with an hour at my disposal, I wandered aimlessly into Tate Britain. I found myself face to face with the work of Keith Piper. After some research I discovered his connection with UAL through the GHOSTS series headed by Sonia Boyce and Paul Goodwin who share the position of Chair of Black Art and Design.

“The Ghosts Series is a series of single work and focused displays featuring key art works from a range of British Black and Asian artists exploring ideas around technologies, subjectivities and contemporary art practice.”

I found a very interesting presentation, in which Keith Piper discusses one of his works, Robot Bodies. In this work he uses the core theme of science fiction to interrogate the notion of the mechanised ‘Other’ as a metaphor for racial ‘difference.’ The reason why this piece is relevant to my own practice might not be immediately obvious, however, I found that it resonated strongly. Maybe this relates to my explorations of the spectre of technology, which equally invades and enriches our lives- a haunting presence of binary code and opposites that closely resembles the ‘Other’.

I am currently working on a piece which will attempt to conceptualise this connection through the medium of still photography and the mapping of my practice onto the work of theorists and contemporary artists.


Joanne Herbert