…for means of production and work actualisation.

I have been thinking a lot about spaces and about my practice, specifically the ad-hoc nature of finding places suited to rolling nature of what I do and make as an artist.

My work has revisionist sensibilities, reconfiguring elements and reworking constituents, resulting in pieces that are in a perpetual cycle of disassemblage/reassemblage, and thus have many reiterations and cross sampled connections. This is directly related to the environments I’ve had to make work in, organically born out of an adaptation to producing work in random settings and dealing with logistical issues and impermanent spaces.

Having a physical space allows for physical work, whilst absence of one has come to result in a different sort of ‘virtual – digital – immaterial – making’ as a means to keep the production cycle alive.

Work is not created in a vacuum. Avenues of progressing artistic practice are in a fragile state of flux between disparate possibilities and limitations. That in and of itself can be enticing as a motivational force or it can leave you feeling sapped and bereft of creative energy.

It can leave you confounded and floundering, feeling like a nomad of situation, of environment, of your own state of mind.

The urge to make framed by infinite prospects, improbabilities, impossibilities, impotency.  Because the work itself is not just the resultant thing at the end of everything. It is also the process, the contexts and narratives imbued from its situated place of proliferation, from a myriad of life’s tangential ephemera, of ontological parity.


Vault space – London, 2017

Lora Nikolaeva Nikolova