Ive been away for a while. having important emotional family issues to attend to but I realised that once you leave the University you really do not loose touch of being an artist and I for ever am reading and seeing, hearing and touching. I am going to write a few posts this morning to get me started for the day to allow me to gather my thoughts and move forward with my work. none of these posts are in chronological order they will be posted as I think of them.

yesterday the 08/11/2017 I was very naughty and flunked uni. Even though I had been out of London the past day I really had felt that I wasn’t out for long enough and I really needed more time. I decided to get on the 0900 train to Colchester, a town outside of London in Essex, apparently Britains oldest town-I don’t particularly care. But I really liked Colchester. It was a mix of old and new mash ups and there were some great sights I really suggest people take a trip out there its only 45 minutes.

I saw Colchester castle – well – keep, its not a castle… Colchester… its a keep,it has no walls. I also saw the natural history museum which was a tiny collection of British wildlife but the lovely thing was it was inside an old church. This wasn’t the reason I was in Colchester though…I was there to see a performance by Franko B. An artist that I have never seen live let alone met, I had only ever seen him through my computer screen. He performed at Colchester arts centre which was situated inside an old church…I really think the people who built Colchester were avid fans of Christianity and liked to collect churches for a town so small there were a hell of allot of old churches. BUT this has significance.

For what lay within these walls was gold, now gold is significant to the church, it wasn’t significant in the fact that it was valuable (as it is in todays standards) no, when Christians used gold originally it was used to show the light of god and heaven, it was the closest thing we had to sunlight. In later years obviously the church became the corrupt greedy organisation it is today.


(picture above borrowed from google images, I didn’t take my own images)


Franko moved around the punch bag. Hitting it, speaking his grievances, followed by, “insignificant”. Much like how the church’s use of gold had become; so had his grievances, It was almost as though he was torturingĀ himself for the wrong doings that were played upon him in his life. Through discourse with my Girlfriend and Laurence I think we all had a similar feeling that through the 13 round repetition Franko was punching the significance of his and world issues until the became insignificant. The Performance Visceral on so many layers, the smell of sweat, milk and the old church were met with the sound of a silenced audience and of the milk dropping from the bag dripping and obviously the sound of Franko boxing. I really felt a connection to Franko as a man, I cried a parts not for me not for him but for the joint connection that I held with him, some of his personal life crisis came out and I found myself sharing these I also laughed as did the audience at parts.

I spoke with Franko after the performance which was amazing, he was welcoming and he was happy to answer questions I had, BUT… I feel I do not want to share these as I really felt a connection to the questions and Franko’s responses, they were on a personal level to me, and I feel that I would be breaking the connection the performance played on me at a deeper level than words on a blog.It was a great experience and I feel so inspired!!!

I think what I’m trying to say is get out there skip uni and you never know who you shall meet along the way.


Robin Woodward