Q: How do you start?

A:  I realise it’s been over 4 months since I’ve made anything.

The studio is an anxious space. It’s not so much of an artist’s block I’m experiencing 
per se, it’s more of an artist’s shock, with a feeling of expectation to perform on cue
.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but how to overcome this stage fright?

I think the question 'how do you start?' already forces me to be overly conscious.

It is a laughable premise really.

There is no strategy; no liner approach, right or wrong. The start is usually the best part
, time for immediate inspiration, intuitiveness and spontaneity, with little or no deliberation.
  So what am I psyching myself up for?

First, I buy all the potential materials I might need. Then I have to check my phone. Then I have to 
read. Then I have to go to an exhibition to see this work by this particular artist. 
 Each of these actions are completely forward thinking in themselves but illustrate a deferment in actually

I need an ice breaker.

So, I shift the focus from myself onto something else. I find something that is already convincing enough to
 deliberately divert from my hand. In this instance it was what I think is a computer fan. I have now started 
by identifying with something else.  This allows me to overcome my own policing of thought because something else
 is now responsible.  I hang it up, brash and bold, to let everyone see.  A  false sense of confidence maybe,
 nonetheless, it acts as a starting tool, by just being there.

Do, don’t watch you doing.

By starting at arm’s length, or, by objectifying the experience I can then begin to respond without the
 same self –consciousness.

So, I guess I start with something else.

Yasmine Robinson