My name is Robert Gray, I’m part time MAFA student. I graduated from a BA in Film and moving image production at Leeds metropolitan University and went on to be a ‘freelance’ (whatever that means) fashion designer. I sound flaky, but this has all led to me studying Fine art, and I currently incorporate a lot of different practices into my work.


I am interested in the contemporary young adult through a queer perspective. I make work that talks about effeminate male identity, the fine line between queer and normative culture and expectations, generational issues, feminism, relationships and despondency.


I sometimes think of myself as omnipotent in my views, however, am aware of my failings and try to incorporate all of this into my practice.


I was once asked what I hoped to achieve from my work – I think I would like my work to articulate a vulnerability that, in turn, would encourage a more vulnerable response.


Robert Gray