Remember this exhibition we went to?

I cant stop thinking about it. As I explore the world of SD/sb relationships, sex work, camming and porn, I am transported to this neon pink room of computer activated fem bots feigning interest in human men. I cant help but wonder if the invention of these fem bots is a blessing to women everywhere that have to feign interest in men constantly. Performing emotional labour at work, at home and even on the bus when politely declining that creepy drunk mans sexual advances when you are just trying to get home after a long night of working at a restaurant where you have been performing emotional labour for the 100’s of customers you served food to. Feminine specific emotional labour has been a commodity since time began (they do say prostitution is the oldest trade). So why not give us a break. Clearly men couldn’t tell the difference between a robot and a woman anyway.

But wait, remember that sex doll that got completely ruined by men groping her too hard?

And what happens when they give into their harmful urges and a robot just wont cut it anymore?

Technology and the internet appears to be creating boundaries set to keep women safe while they perpetuate mens need for constant emotional labour and sexual validation. The amount of sub categories and need for gonzo porn to get more graphic is a warning sign as to where mens needs are going. There are correlations between porn and IRL experience when women share the things men ask for during sex. The inequality between men and women spreads over all aspects of our day to day life but through recent events, Harvey I’m looking at you, it is evident how much harm men can do to women through sex specifically.

#metoo was an international hashtag where people that where at the receiving end of sexual assault at the hands of men posted the hashtag on all types of social media. Women relived their assaults to show the magnitude of the issue. (This was also a huge drain on our emotional labour. Requiring us to do the work even though we are the victims.)

This relationship between sex and technology is interesting and something I will be exploring further

Georgina Tyson