The most frustrating thing for me about the weekly supermarket shop is the constant mind numbing sounds from the machines put in place to save money and apparently time instead of the good old shop assistant. The very fact that we can now walk to these machines place our stuff ‘in the bagging area’ and walk out without any social engagement is worrying. Unless the machine fails and annoyingly we have to speak to the poor person walking back and forward scanning their card. This is reflective of my work and actually daily life. People live in the world’s ‘Google Library’ heads stuck in the ‘Cloud’ and never look or actually learn. I speak of the ‘Google Library’ with hatred, as a Nurse very often I am confronted by relatives who are quite rightly worried about their family members, you may explain exactly what is going on and the fact behind that but to these people, but  they have the ‘Google Library’ (I do not say this out of wanting to be all knowledgeable and in control of that knowledge) but the amount of shit that people learn from the the ‘Google Library/university’ is a joke. Actually I have met people who have followed health suggestions given to them by this source, one person turning silver due to it. For me this whole technological world, though great and powerful is also dangerous. It breeds ideologies that cannot be contained, its a dangerous place of control and manipulation that the powers of the world play with to use in their favour. Being attached to social media is in fact being attached to google and with that comes lies or bent truths-infact we do not live in a world where lies are made to gain something, we live in a world were statistics and meta truths are  used to maintain civic order. This is done by manipulation of truth spinning it around so that sounds better than it is. Is there such thing as existential thinking anymore? or do we live in a phone screen learning from false madmen sat behind another screen coding what were think, how we dress or what we do. People who do live in that world, live very sad Nihilist lives with no actual meanings. This is where extremism breeds, but that is not just radical religious extremism, one could see extremism as a routine that involves living in the ‘Cloud’ learning facts about things that have so much more meaning than what is coded into the great computer god.


Robin Woodward