erI went to a talk about Hiroshi Ishiguro’s human-like robots, thanks for Karen ivtiting me.


The talk gave me a new aspect about the position of robots in the future human society. I guest the purpose of Hiroshi inventing these robots is to make companions for humans. Facing the aging socity crisis, the japanese inventor may see the needs for making more ‘people’.

In the talk, I knew that these robots were not very intelligent and could only be remotely controled.

What amaze people may be just thiers appearance. They couldnt do any things like human, even couldnt talk.

But their lifelike faces and the fact that they are robots, are fascinating.

Even people are fascinated by them and cant help taking photos.

I read a news about a photographer sumited a portarit of  Hiroshi Ishiguro’s robot to the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery.

Would people accept human-like robots as a living thing?

Would human really need robots to comfort the soft part?


On the other side of the Earth, a compeny called Boston Dynamics is building very sirious robots, which are physicaly capable to do many things human can.


These robots will change the world.


One fun thing, Hiroshi Ishiguro saied he have plastic surgery for keeping his face as same as the robot, because he want to be recognized, in an interview.