This weekend i went to The Tate modern and seen the exhibition of ilya kabakov. They are Russian-born, artists that collaborate on environments which fuse elements of the everyday with those of the conceptual.

their work is deeply rooted in the Soviet social and cultural context in which the Kabakovs came of age, their work still attains a universal significance.

I am very interested in their work,cause I also grew up from a socialist country, I was educated academic training in socialist realism in state art school .Being “independent” carried a risk that even the most political western artists probably cannot imagine . Every art practice has the potential to fail due to the potentially authoritarian will to power. I believe i understand Utopianism, and from his work i can find resonance.

I believe no discourse dominated like utopia ,the future promise of historical progress .when i seen kabakov’s most famous installation ,The Man Who Flew into the space from his Apartment , is a near documentary set of an anonymous work’s bedroom plastered with designs for a self -propelled rocket that would ,and apparently did,catapult him into outer space ,which was for kabakov the embodiment of a zone free from ideology of all kinds.

I was inspired by their work .What exactly should we think of between the reality and the imagination? Is it possible to interchange the roles of art and life?Why totalitarian cause social tragedy or devastating human nature?