My clay mask died. It died cracked and fell apart and there was nothing I could do about it. so i re did the performance with slightly more clay. I felt the performance worked better with it as well i covered my whole head with the clay becoming something else instead of just my face. I had to pull it off like a helmet.


During the performance I actually felt that I transgressed into this being with the clay head and many creatures/beings came in and out of fruition. I enjoyed the experience. I felt that the performance had something more than the first time i did it wearing a black T shirt and skinny jeans. In discussion after the fact I feel that by coving my face I am actually covering my identity much like the performance in the square/courtyard of the university I covered a part of my person that could identify me.

Within this one I covered my eyes loosing sight I had to manoeuvre around in any way that I could. I did the continuous task of press ups to help me transgress and loose orientation. being tired i wondered around for a while lost and confused bear footed and venerable.

In this one I removed my hair becoming a drone, hair has a feeling of identity. how one holds their self in the public arena and shows themselves to the world wether it be a style choice, being male or female.

But in this one many different things happen I lost the state of vulnerability and became menacing scary at times. The heavy breathing and the struggle to breath allowed me to transgress fluently and easier than the one in the square.

The left overs worked well and the whole thing feels more complete than anything else that I have done this year.


Robin Woodward