Artist Statement

My practice is primarily focused on social dynamics and physical environments, a para-symbiotic relationship of life giver and abuser, each respondent upon the other

Developed through multiple interests including cultural anthropology and conservation, my work touches on themes of community, social-economic, anthropology, diaspora and environmental decay.

Working on various themes of societal constructs and dynamics; that of the diaspora and migration, communication and languages, and of our own design, the various social class systems across the world, the systems we build to establish our networks and the impracticality of exclusion. The weblike woven yarn on canvas paintings and sculptures are metaphors of the balance of nature of our created world; the Lorenz attractor and chaos dynamics introduces theory that an action has an effect upon a limitless interconnected string of events of which conveyed through his abstract geometric structures.

The sculptures play on representations of physical objects, infrastructures of our built environment, and everyday objects of home, work and play. A memory of its former physicality placed in positions rendering it impractical or inert.

My works have developed to mixed media paintings as systems to realise physical and ethereal dimensions, I am fascinated with utilising thread and yarn as representation of both a natural resource, of which farmed and adapted by humans as a sustainable renewable resource. Of which akin to artists previous such as A. Goldsworthy, R. Long, or D.Nash which use naturally found and manipulated material within their practice.

Other areas of interest and inflence includes architecture, spacial dynamics, multiverse theory, fluxus and geometric abstraction. Moving forwards. My aim is to express ideas through 3D constructs and installations. Utilising both natural and consumer/ industrial products. With an aim to ultilise waste materials included.

Areas of research include a continued investigation of environments across India as well as the UK, through my working with various organisations between London and Kolkata.
London/ Kent based Archeology society currently working on sites across the region.
Urban conservation group Green Gym and Narrative Movements art foundation India of which has a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

The Trump administrations management of the EPA in the US is of great interest; as a key global leader and voice on how the US moves forward, it’s attitudes, both current and influencing affects an international platform.
My area of focus:
• Community awareness and action to sustainable development through visual arts.
• Current trends, actions and systems.
• Accessibility. Organisations, practice and public interactive forms.
• The purpose of using art as a tool to generate, inspire and change attitudes.
• Sustaining and developing cultural patterns and building community thinking.


Ian Barrington