‘In the end, for a human to be in accord with nature is to be rational, for it is in the nature of a human being to act in accord with reason.’

Writing on Diogenes http://www.iep.utm.edu/diogsino/

Lozt performed a short investigation, ‘Hunter/Gatherer’, today. This is a sketch for a larger piece he has had in mind for a while.

Lozt said:

‘Being in the world allowed me to experience its subjectivity, will nothing ever be real again? I shall attempt to return myself to a primal state of objectivity. My reality shall be the one which objectively exists around me. Although this reality is based upon a complex system of subjective illusions, that subjectivity becomes the objective reality i find myself in.’

Lozt also wishes to engage ideas about the invisible in society, and what we choose to see, and making that invisible visible. Presented with certain truths people tend to experience a kind of abjection. So this was also about ways of seeing.

One of the most interesting parts of these public investigations are how people reactand relate. The reactions of the people as they see Lozt lying on the floor were great, a kind of terrified curiosity and/or weary disgust.


This man did an excellent double take then veered away

She ran

More performances and footage will broaden this investigation. There are deeper themes to be engaged but today offered good first steps.

Lawrence Blackman (on behalf of Lozt)