I have been extensively researching along the lines of animlaty, animal-human connections, and environmental issues, alongside philosophy and related art practices.  The plethora of information and the overwhelming connectable issues have created a mess of ideas for possible projects. It seems that every new discovery, every new area creates its own line of productivity.

None of these ideas are fully developed or strong enough on there own, but I hope to learn through the process of experimentation and by finding the defining characteristics will lead me to coherence.

There is the psychological human-animal relations with all its connotations; pets, servants, fetish, iconography etc.

The question of differences and similarities and the reality of this segregated view, based on a strange mixture of science, religion, philosophy and myth.


Animal-rights, Cruelty, Animal Research is another constantly reoccurring theme, and through the analysis of this complex system we have created within the species divide, I try to gain a better understanding into the phenomenon of willful ignorance that allows these distinctions and practices to carry on.

I hope to materialize some of the ideas and through the production of work find a way to better understand my current practice.

Monika Tobel