Progressing from my original photos @ Avebury I have also been taking photos of windows and light; in particular the occurrence of when light hits an object, surface or space and begin to distort or transform its original visual state- a liminal state. This visual research has stemmed from the interest and curiosity in the notions and study of Liminality and the threshold. An interstitial space, familiar yet unfamiliar, domestic, industrial, environmental, natural, cosmic and imaginative.


The use of photography, Photoshop and preliminary work; recording shape, light and shadow and the deconstruction of shape feeds this idea of a liminality- between from and non-form the transformative and ‘manifestive’ state from one to another- is to establish a corresponding, relative visual language, a lexicon. Breaking down and expanding on the language and notions opened up by the concept of liminal space.

Distinguishing a lexicon through the the process of painting, making and pouring. Visualizing and sensitizing language through painting.

Before form resonates with image. Familiar/ Unfamiliar, Known/ unknown – Unheimliche

The process of digital edits, photography and observation is a visual research process to unpicking and exploring language, visual language and notions surrounding the impetus of the works. For example binary opposites such as outside/inside, exterior/ interior, space/place, light/shadow, visibility/ invisibility, there/ here, present/ past, obscurity/ clarity, transparency/ opacity, luminosity/ darkness (gloominess), positive/ negative  etc.



-Bachlaurds Poetics of Space (for probably the third time)

-Van Gennup Rites of passage

-Victor Turner The Ritual Process – both Gennup and Turner articulate and locate the definition of liminality geographically, historically and culturally.

-Kirsty Bell The Artist’s House: From Workplace to Artwork – interesting chapter on the function of doors/ windows and the relationship between outside and inside. “The window is the eye of the house.”

-Ian McKeever Light into Darkness

-Poetics of Vilhelm Hammershoi


April Jackson