Millbank Bollard at Chelsea from Annabel Ludovici Gray on Vimeo</

I wrapped the Bollard in a roll of paper (note for me it's a proper noun with status, capital B etc). I then rubbed charcoal and lead all over, re-creating its physical volume. Wrapping it and scoring into it immediately made the stone structure visible. For three weeks the paper took on the elements of London's open air. The Bollard became a different presence in this particular site. The Bollard, like the prison for which it served its purpose, dates from 1821 – only 200 years ago – no time at all. In fact it’s just like yesterday. While I spend time with it or thinking about it, themes such as psycho-geography come to mind, or de-colonisation and site-specificty. The people that existed before us on this site leave their footprints now our paths. A rich albeit grim and tragic history.

Annabel Ludovici Gray