Elena Sisto, American, b. 1952, Boston, Massachusetts, based in New York.


I think the most impressive part of Elena’s work is the surprise brought by his painting. My very first reaction of her painting is abstraction, but swiftly by some small hints I notice it is not—but depiction of  life. In my work, figures or the shape of figures and objects are usually the main focus of a painting. While through her work, I found that without figures, without completed outline, such normal corner of life could be so wonderful.


Ear, 2013, 21” x 18”                                 Hat, 2013, 28” x 17”

Besides, her work makes me think of how important size is for a painting. In terms of Elena’s painting, if objects in her painting are life-size, then probably the effect can’t be as impressive as bigger scale. Meanwhile, I think just because of the big size reminds audiences of the unnoticed beauty in life.

I like artists who know how to observe life. Or, in another words, I like civilian artwork more than unapproachable work. Life is so wonderful, why can’t we slow down and enjoy the most normal happiness of life?


Esty Sweater, 2013-2015, 48” x 36”

Ankle, 2013-2015, 24” x 24”

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