I’ve done lots of research on ways to link colour and music, and this week I have a slot in the audio visual suite to start making.  I’ve thought about creating both the music and the colour, but decided that’s a step too far.  So I urgently need to find the “right” music for my project.

My musical background is playing the cello and listening to classical music – and, apart from being less engaged with pop music, I don’t want my work to compete with disco lighting or pop videos.  For the work to be interesting, the music needs to have a range of melodies/harmonies/instruments/rhythms.

The first piece of music I thought of was by Elgar and written in 1892, which is a very long time ago, so I’ve been on a mission to find something written in living memory.   After hours on You Tube, I’ve eliminated scores of “contemporary classical” works because they’re either Minimalist and too repetitive, or atonal and too discordant for most people to listen to comfortably.  So the current favourites are Ravel Introduction and Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet and string quartet, written in 1905 and Erwin Schulhoff Hot Sonate for saxophone and piano written in 1930.   I suppose there are some people still around who can remember 1930!