mud I

mud II

im trying to describe/show a space that sits inside of reality… kinda of like a mix between the minds eye and real life… VR people use the term of augmented reality… but its more something that you feel and see is there.. not sure if that makes sense, i dont want it to be specifically realised as any place, more an in between… Liminoid.

The title ‘mud’ is some type of descriptive, if ‘mud’ was a feeling, it would be the feeling I get from this, (as if you said the word mud to yourself in your head but had a mouth full of.. well mud) fully immersed wading in an ethereal mud, perhaps like a calming quicksand… familiar yet disorientating, comforting yet hostile.

im going to up the frame rate next time filming, this is 30 frames, will up it to 240… hopefully it will look a hell of a lot smoother..

In terms of scale.. i have just bought a short throw projector.. which i am playing with… it can do a wall of 6 metres from only 3 metres away, the above was filmed at 4K, but at 240 frames I can only do 720px… but perhaps the blurred effect will give me more freedom in with the pixelation… Also been thinking to try and change them into a 360 degree video(or shot on a 360 camera) seen through a VR head set

blair zaye