To me art is the only field that allows the possibilities of constant questioning, and the ongoing renewability of research and related making. Whatever captures my interest it will lead me to the next quest. The answer is never the goal but finding the route to the next question is. As artists we must be comfortable with not-knowing and our limitations on the grip of things.

My current research is focused on finding alternative ways in which us humans relate to non-humans.  I am not looking for a grandiose way of reformulating the whole western moral thinking.  I am hoping to construct a space , even for a short span of time, that can envisage a different sense of how things could be outside of the Cartesian, anthropocentric realm, with what resources I have.

I am searching for methods that will help me ideate non-hierarchical ways of humans and animals existing together. Pointing out our common  ancestry, and focusing on the joint planes we inhabit.

The possible angles are becoming more and more numerous as my research area expands.

Multiple routes, materials, starting points present themselves through idea flashes.

It is time to work them out fully via making , performing and stumbling through them.

Starting with the Art for Animals series, which is taking shape at the moment, with different varieties. Sometimes involving me as a structure carrying performative elements, and in other instances built sculptural forms.

I will get down to build next week and enter the place of the city dwelling creatures to interact and join them.

1st sketch for resting place


Monika Tobel