I went to the Dave Research workshop and I am really interested the Ontology. In philosophy, Ontology is thinking about what exists in general, what are the fundamental part of the world and how they are related to each other.

In Chinese philosophy, “Qi” is a special existence, which is an important part of Ontology. “Qi” as a Chinese character, means vital energy, an aura of atmosphere, breath, and rhythm. It is most tiny, ethereal and floating substance of which everything is composed. It is the fundamental of the world, the original material for everything, and “Qi” explains the causes of various phenomena.

And “Qi” became the sole, undisputed goal of art in China. Xie He (a significant Chinese art historian and critic in the 6th century) who wrote the “Six techniques of Painting” stated that a painting first should creating a lifelike tone and atmosphere, in Chinese, we say “Qi-Yun Sheng-Dong” 【气韵生动】.  For Xie He, “Qi” is in all humans, animals, and plants. It is what grants being to everything in nature, and everything in the universe. I want to continue to research and express “Qi” for my practice.